An Introduction to Modern Art and ARTS

News Sep 18, 2021

The arts are the expression of the human mind through its variety of activities. It may be art’s literature, visual arts, music, dance, movies, theater, and so on. Arts are a broad collection of human actions including physical creativity, aesthetic beauty, emotional strength, or creative power, to name a few. In the broadest sense, all these arts can be regarded as the expression of the human personality through their diversified forms and varieties.

Architectural arts refers to the art of architecture, like painting, drawing, architecture, sculpture and the building itself. In this category we can include architecture, furniture and fixtures, fountains, lighting, wall paintings, sculptures, and the like. Performing arts refer to art that is performed for fun, such as dancing, singing, drama, comedy and so on. Here also you will find performing arts, such as acting, poetry, song, dance and so on.

Visual arts refer to are visual in nature. It could be any form of art (the picture here is not all-inclusive) and includes painting, sculpture, photographic art, architecture, photography, and the like. Here again, the large number of categories make it nearly impossible to choose an appropriate piece for your room. You can choose the category of art for each area of your home or chose the one for the whole house.

There are four main classes of ARTS: major works (e.g., architectural), minor works (e.g., paintings), and decorative art. Major works are those requiring great skill and labor; minor works are those requiring a moderate skill level and are designed mainly for pleasure. Decorative art, in turn, refers to art that adds value only by appearance. Paintings, sculptures, photography, furniture, and so on, fit into the decorative class. ARTS include many more categories, but these are the most popular.

The history of art goes back as far as mankind’s existence. It is found in religious structures as well as secular ones. The beginnings of modern art can be traced back to the ancient Greek civilization (the age of the Cautes and the Romans). In the middle ages, there were an “agglomeration” of artistic movements, often resulting in contradictory viewpoints, but eventually into the” Renaissance”. In modern times, the term Renaissance actually describes the Italian renaissance (the period of greatest flowering of Renaissance art).

ARTS differ in numerous ways from other forms of art such as painting, music, literature, etc. It focuses more on the artist’s aesthetic sensibility and emotional response to a given subject or theme. It is subjective and individual. There are no fixed rules or traditions involved. Each artist paints his own version of reality and each creation is an extension of the artist’s personality. Since there is no pre-determined “form” to ARTS, the results often vary tremendously from one creation to another.