News Aug 1, 2021



Art is an expansive category of human activities which involves visual creativity to express emotional beauty, technical competence, beauty, strength, or creative ideas, in addition to other factors such as technique and creativity. In fact, art is not defined by any conventional authority. It is accepted as a subjective experience. The work of artists involves a wide range of subject matters, such as nature, man, literature, and technology. Within the field of art, one of the most important categories is Visual Art which refers to artistic visual presentations.

Visual art includes painting, sculpture, still life, architecture, photography, and music. The term fine arts was first applied by the French government to distinguish the visual arts from the decorative arts in 1801. Later this classification was extended to include drama, opera, motion pictures, and music. In current terminology, the term fine arts can be applied to any visual production that expresses some degree of aesthetic importance.

There are many definitions of the definition of fine art. According to some experts, it is the ability to produce artistic beauty that surpasses the normal boundaries of what is tolerable in the society. For other people who consider themselves as cultural experts, it is the ability to create beauty that surpasses all forms of conventional beauty standards. Others believe that the definition of art is nothing more than a personal perception. It is subject to interpretation.

The majority of modern art scholars believe that the definition of fine art should be relative to the medium used on which the art object is presented. In other words, the value of a painting or sculpture is evaluated depending on the medium used and its capacity to communicate certain values. For instance, paintings are more valuable when they are created with large amounts of brush and canvas, when they are produced by painters who are able to combine different media, when they are produced for commercial purposes, or if they are highly aesthetic in nature. On the other hand, sculptures are judged by their visual qualities, whether they are abstract or realistic. Artists have been able to increase the technological and scientific developments in the field of art over the last century.

This increased technological development has allowed artists to use digital tools to enhance their work, making their paintings and sculptures more realistic in nature, and more appealing to the general public. This has led to the popularity of computer aided painting, sculpting, and design (CAD). Digital technology has also allowed the introduction of a new term into the art world – 3D art. This art form is very popular and it can be seen on a variety of different types of art mediums. ARTS includes such art forms as computer aided drawing (CAD), sound, movement, video, and print design.

ARTS includes many different types of art forms, but each type of ARTS shares the common goal of creating works of beauty that are pleasing to the eye, and that are useful in some way. ARTS include performing arts like opera, dance, drama, music, and film. It is also a growing field of study that includes digital art, electronic painting, digital sculpting, digital photography, and performance art. Performing arts incorporate all forms of artistic expression that involve moving objects, and that are used to tell a story. The visual and performing arts have a long history, going back to the ancient Greek and Roman cultures.