Entertainments As a Form of Entertainment

News Aug 31, 2021

Entertaining is a broad term that involves many different activities that all hold the attention of an audience. For example, there are plays and musicals that entertaining an audience while at the same time they teach lessons or tell a story. They are entertainment but are also teaching or entertaining. However, it can also be a game, idea or even a task, but most often is more inclined to be one of those entertaining activities or events which have evolved over thousands of years especially for the sole purpose of keeping the attention of an audience. The term Entertaining can also be applied to the art of entertaining, which is what plays such as Marlowe’s “Hamlet”, Mucha’s “The Mask” and many others accomplish.


Entertainments can be described by the words, act, play, poem or music. These can then be further broken down into descriptive phrases such as theater, motion picture, dance, and comedy club. These more specific categories of entertainment can be further subdivided into the more popular ones. Entertainments can be categorized as serious, lighthearted, fun and kids entertainment. In order for an entertainment to be considered as serious, it has to have a message or it is intended to teach or entertain. Light hearted entertainments are meant to be light hearted and for children, they tend to be cartoons, plays, music, jokes and other forms of laughter.

The word Mardi Gras brings to mind a celebration of Mardi Gras beads and masks which are used as a symbol of party pride. Entertainers at these celebrations usually wear masks depicting a character from the origin of the festival and are decorated with colors representing the different things people get for doing their particular part in the grand parade. Mardi Gras is a celebration of food and honor although some consider it to be of French origin, others say it was originated in Louisiana. Regardless, of its roots it has become very popular in the United States and in fact is celebrated more on a national level now than it is in any other country in the world.

Children’s entertainers like to dress up as animals for various occasions including Halloween and Easter Bunny costumes. While adults may look unfashionable while they do so, children find them very attractive. Entertainers dressed as animals are very popular at carnivals and fairs as well as at home and school events. They give the children the opportunity to explore and enjoy their imagination while having fun.

Museums also play a vital role when it comes to entertainment. A museum is an educational facility that gives people a chance to see history in a different way. In fact, many people who have never visited a museum actually become fascinated by it once they get there. A trip to a museum offers an excellent opportunity to learn about a particular era and to experience that culture firsthand.

Entertainers are an important part of a community as much as they are an important part of a country or state. The word entertainer simply means that the person is responsible for making things happen. Whether that is making a meal or performing in front of a crowd, the entertainer is usually responsible for bringing the show to life. Without the entertainment a city can go about its business without much enthusiasm, while a town can go on without an opera or a jazz festival.