The Difference Between Art and Technology

News Oct 8, 2021


The Difference Between Art and Technology

The field of arts and design encompasses a broad assortment of human activities which involve an intention to communicate technical skill, visual beauty, social power, or aesthetic sense, in combination with an attempt to create a work of aesthetic beauty. The development of artistic skills depends greatly on the ability to imagine and appreciate beauty. It also relies on the ability to perceive and appreciate the practical application of this beauty.

Artistic creations comprise a number of distinct forms that have evolved over time. From the earliest days of recorded history, art has been defined by the creation of artistic works including sculptures, paintings, pottery, glass, and jewelry. In the present day, these visual works are typically applied to objects of daily use in order to increase their utility and functionality. In addition to this, the visual arts also encompass the application of technology to promote creativity through new ways of designing, conceptualizing, and visualizing.

Painting is one of the oldest forms of art. Paintings date from Paleolithic times to the Art Nouveau period of the nineteenth century. At this point, artists produced mostly landscape paintings based on natural landscapes. The goal of landscape paintings was to depict the natural world in a representational manner. In the late nineteenth century, French artist Paul Gauguin developed the term,’minimalism,’ referring to his desire to produce work that was less elaborate and detailed than typical modern art. He rejected the overdrawn features of earlier art forms and sought to bring art back to realistic proportions.

Sculpture is an artistic endeavor to produce a physical object by means of form – a physical arrangement of parts to constitute an entire piece of art. Modern art, which includes sculpture, is typically produced in the field of architecture, as a part of the construction process. However, the evolution of the arts did not stop with the arrival of the first artistic forms. After the First World War I, an artist named Jasper Johns used his knowledge of engineering and the art of polyphony to create ‘Man Made Portrait’ based on a photograph.

ARTS DEVELOPMENT IN THE POPULAR ECOLOGY OF DESIGN There are many theories about the evolution of ARTS. One school of thought holds that the arts were initially a response to the transformations taking place in the nineteenth century between the highly creative modernist art form and the more conservative nineteenth century classical art movement. Another school of thought is that, rather than being a reaction against the more conservative forms, the arts were actually ahead of their time, and that they helped to shape the shape of the modern age. In either case, there is considerable debate about the exact relationships between art and technology.

ARTS DEVELOPMENT IN PROTOCRITERALS Modern art has come a long way since the advent of the first painting, the portrait. Portraits are still considered to be a basic form of art, indicating the very beginnings of aesthetic appreciation. The art of painting and sculpture helped to define the idea of beauty that has endured throughout history. The medium that is currently used to create art, the camera and printing technologies have changed drastically, changing the very basis of what it is that an artist can create. As such, one of the most important debates about art is how it relates to technology, considering that the medium of today can offer limitless possibilities when it comes to creating artistic expressions.