What Are ARTS?

News Oct 1, 2021

Art is a broad collection or discipline of human action involving physical creativity to display physical prowess, physical beauty, emotional strength, or other aesthetic notions, or to meditate on deeper spiritual truths. The word ‘art’ is derived from Greek words meaning ‘action’ and ‘craft’. It is also associated with craftsmanship such as painting, pottery, architecture, and music. There are many definitions and classifications of art ranging from representational to abstract and everything in between.


Abstract art is basically any visual artwork that does not have a clear defining’meaning’. For example a Picasso painting could be considered abstract art but only because it lacks a clearly defined meaning. This type of artwork often uses repetition as a main theme or motif. The repetition used by abstract artists ranges from the use of different coloured lines to form repetitive brushstrokes, to building up layers of colour to create an abstract masterpiece like Van Gogh’s famous series ‘Starry Night’.

ARTS also includes literature, film and theatre, and architecture. Literature includes all forms of written communication including books, magazines, and newspapers. Film and theatre refers to the visual arts of motion pictures and theatre. Architecture refers to building structures like buildings, monuments, and landscapes. All these arts can be individually and collectively considered as ARTS.

However, when we talk about ARTS, we typically think of artistic production. This includes performing arts like opera, dance, and concerts. Performance art is generally seen in museums and exhibits. However, some forms of performance art are usually performed live. Dance, music, and painting are just some of the visible forms of ARTS. Photography is another form of ARTS that requires a large amount of equipment to capture its essence.

The art and the science of art is usually studied by students as part of their educational programs. There are many universities and colleges who offer courses on the different forms of performing arts. Some of the most common courses include art history, psychology of art, and the history of performing arts.

In a broader sense, ARTS includes all art forms and all disciplines that deal with art. It is very broad and covers a range of human activities and creations. In a broader sense, it also includes the fields of architecture, ceramics, and furniture making. All these fields were once part of the fine arts but have now developed themselves into their own distinct fields. Nowadays, people are working hard to create a wide variety of ARTS that will be able to satisfy the needs of the diverse society.