Why Is Art Important?

News Aug 21, 2021

ARTS include dance, literature, music, film, visual arts, dance, cuisine, pottery and sculpture. ARTS is also the collective expression of these various activities, as a group or individually, in any form they may find appropriate. Arrays of different kinds of art have been developed throughout history, with new ones being discovered and developed all the time. The development and progress of arts rely heavily on the societal structure in which it was developed.


ARTS are a vast array of human endeavors including literary creativity, aesthetic beauty, physical power, visual acuity, or emotional strength, to name a few. It has been determined that humans developed the arts for some purpose. However, whatever the reason, the arts have played a very important part in human society throughout history. The arts play a major role in helping humans to make sense of their surroundings, develop their bodies, communicate and interact with others, create literature, music and films, produce artwork, architecture and sculpture and much more.

The development of the arts depends very much on the social conditions under which they were developed. For example, the development of art had a profound impact on people living in the Medieval Ages. The works created during this era were primarily produced for decorative purposes and as personal ornaments. The fine arts form a very important part of the European intellectual tradition, as can be seen in the works of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Peter Leley, Leonardo da Vinci, Robert Rauschenberg, Kenneth Noland and so many others. In fact, nearly every major figure in the history of the human civilization has worked in the visual arts.

The evolution of the visual arts is also reflected in the way people perceive space, time and visual aspects. There are many examples where this concept is explored in art forms. For example, in music, the use of repeating patterns and melodic rhythmic invention is used to convey specific messages. In painting, the repetition of a certain word or a shape is used to suggest the idea of infinity. The history of painting can be divided into two major periods, the Pre-Raphaelites and the Renaissance.

The Renaissance period, which came after the deposition of Pope Innocent III and which was dominated by the Italian states like Venice, Spain, France and Germany, introduced many new artistic forms. One of them was the movement towards the liberalization of the Roman Catholic Church. This caused the development of the liberal arts that welcomed all forms of artistic expression which were deemed to have universal appeal. However, one school of thought considered itself to be the purer form of art and considered beauty to be purely subjective. It therefore opposed the notion of beauty that was subjective to be associated with the human experience.

ARTS have contributed significantly to the human experience through their diverse forms. Different cultures have expressed their own artistic visions through various mediums. Through the arts we are able to experience a diversity of experiences and view different cultures from different perspectives. We are thus able to enrich our own understanding of the world. Therefore, art is important to everyone.